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Amerigroup Insurance

If you or a loved one is suffering from substance use disorder, it’s imperative to receive top substance abuse treatment so you can begin living the life of recovery you’ve been dreaming of. Unfortunately, getting the treatment you need is expensive, which causes many individuals to put off rehab and recovery.

Although recovery is not free, it’s essential that you get the treatment you need ASAP. The longer you put off substance abuse treatment, the more difficult your journey is going to be. 

The good news is that there are insurance plans that offer substance abuse treatment coverage to make recovery more affordable. Amerigroup is one managed care company that provides health insurance coverage for recovery treatment.

By attending Amerigroup rehab centers, you can receive the treatment you need to begin recovery on the right foot. Whether you are looking for residential inpatient treatment or outpatient services, rehabs that take Amerigroup offer it all.

Still, it’s important to understand your unique plan. Individual plans offer different coverage. By understanding your Amerigroup insurance, you can select an Amerigroup drug rehab that offers services specific to your needs while receiving the financial help you need from your insurance provider.

This page will help you better understand how your Amerigroup health insurance can help cover substance abuse treatment, as well as what treatment facilities accept Amerigroup.

What is Included in Amerigroup Insurance Programs?

Amerigroup offers a variety of health insurance plans for a number of individuals. This insurance is offered in nine states. Within these states, Amerigroup offers health insurance coverage for members of Medicaid, Medicare, and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

In addition to basic health coverage, Amerigroup offers coverage for Amerigroup drug rehab. Rehabs that take Amerigroup offer comprehensive treatment services to help you on all steps of your recovery journey. For substance abuse treatment, Amerigroup can provide full or partial coverage for a variety of services, including:

  • Inpatient services 
  • Group outpatient services 
  • Individual outpatient services 
  • Partial hospitalization services 
  • Aftercare planning

Your individual Amerigroup insurance program and location will determine what is covered when seeking substance abuse treatment. As such, it’s critical to learn about your unique Amerigroup plan to understand what is covered through your plan. 

If you need help understanding your Amerigroup coverage, you can contact an Amerigroup insurance representative, or you can talk to rehabs that take Amerigroup. Staff representatives at Hillcrest Recovery, for instance, can help you understand your Amerigroup coverage and find substance abuse treatment right for you. 

Does Amerigroup Cover Drug Rehab?

Amerigroup provides coverage for alcohol and drug rehab facilities. It’s important to select an Amerigroup drug rehab facility for maximum coverage. These facilities provide a number of treatment services to ensure you get the treatment you need to live a life of sobriety.

Depending on your insurance plan, Amerigroup may fully or partially cover inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and aftercare planning. These treatment services span all early steps in the recovery process, including inpatient rehab and continued care through outpatient services. 

Amerigroup also offers coverage for co-occurring disorders. If you are suffering from a co-occurring disorder, then you are suffering from another mental illness on top of the substance use disorder. This diagnosis is called a dual diagnosis, and it is most common among individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other personality disorders.

Dual diagnosis treatment requires unique treatment that is separate from standard substance use disorder treatment. With dual diagnosis treatment, you’ll receive care for your substance use disorder, as well as your co-occurring illness.

It’s important to check with your unique Amerigroup insurance plan to determine what exactly is covered. Amerigroup representatives or staff members of Amerigroup rehab centers like Hillcrest Recovery will be able to assist you in determining what your insurance plan covers.

Talking to an in network Amerigroup drug rehab will provide you with comprehensive help regarding your policy. These rehabs will also ensure that your insurance covers as much as possible, allowing you to pay as little money out of pocket as you can.

What If My Insurance Does Not Cover Rehab? 

Not all Amerigroup insurance plans cover rehab. If your Amerigroup insurance does not offer substance use treatment coverage, it’s important to remember that many rehab facilities offer scholarships or financing options. These resources can help you get the treatment you need, even if your Amerigroup insurance does not cover rehab specifically.

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How Long Does Amerigroup Insurance Cover Rehab?

The road to recovery is long and difficult. It’s important that you receive treatment throughout these early stages so you can continue on your journey of recovery and fight relapse. 

Amerigroup drug rehab facilities begin with medical detox. Detox is a medical intervention in which the person eliminates the substances from their body under the watchful care of medical professionals. After detox, the real work kicks in with a comprehensive recovery process.

Most individuals opt for inpatient recovery after the initial detox. Inpatient recovery decreases the chance of relapse and allows individuals to get the care they need during this trying time. Most inpatient rehab facilities offer treatment for three months. After inpatient treatment, outpatient care continues for years after inpatient graduation. 

That being said, the length of your treatment depends on your physical health, mental health, location, and insurance plan. Although many Amerigroup insurance plans offer coverage for this three-month timeframe, your unique policy and situation may provide coverage for shorter or longer.

Once again, it’s essential to learn about your unique coverage plan to determine how long your rehab facility is covered.

Hillcrest Recovery Accepts Amerigroup Insurance

To receive maximum benefits from your Amerigroup insurance coverage, it’s important to select an in network Amerigroup drug rehab. Rehabs that take Amerigroup can help you determine what is covered, how long coverage is provided, and other related information. Not to mention, these rehabs will allow you to pay as little out of pocket as possible.

Hillcrest Recovery is a top-rated drug rehab in San Fernando Valley that accepts Amerigroup insurance. At Hillcrest Recovery, you can receive the care you need to begin your life of recovery and stay on that path in the future.

We have a variety of programs and treatment options for individuals who suffer from alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and dual diagnosis. We can help with the detoxification process, residential inpatient services, and aftercare planning. Our facility even offers family support so the entire family can heal together.

Here at Hillcrest Recovery, we understand that every individual’s journey is different. As such, we offer an individualized treatment plan that is specific to every individual. Furthermore, we provide holistic therapy so you can heal from the inside out during your stay.

You will be able to fully relax at our luxury facility. Our entire facility is designed more like a spa than a hospital so you can focus on healing. Whether you are receiving inpatient care or outpatient care, our luxurious amenities will allow you a safe and wholesome environment to heal.

As an Amerigroup drug rehab, Hillcrest Recovery can help you understand your insurance coverage. If you are interested in learning more about our facility or how your coverage relates to treatment, contact Hillcrest Recovery today. There is no obligation when you call, and all contact is confidential.

We Accept Most Insurance

Insurance companies recognize addiction as a medical condition and something that must be treated. Hillcrest Recovery works with most insurance providers. Contact our admissions staff to receive information on the verification process and treatment options.

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Have received treatment in several different institutions and Hillcrest is the best treatment I've received, by far! The facility is exceptional, staff is exceptional and the environment is very.

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I never realized they had treatment centers, like this. Food is a ten, house is a ten, and the recovery is a ten. I've watch myself and other patients spend.

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Don’t risk your life with different facility. Hillcrest Recovery is hands down the finest facility you’ll find with an incredible staff. You owe it to your self to find the.

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My son has been through a couple of programs in his ongoing recovery over the last 10 years. He completed the 30 program here and stated that this was the best program he's ever been to.

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