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Magellan Health Insurance

It is estimated that as many as 21 million Americans suffer from at least one addiction, but only 10% of these individuals receive the treatment they need. More so, 20% of individuals who suffer from depression or anxiety also suffer from substance abuse.

To make matters worse, drug overdose deaths have continued to triple since 1990, and addiction costs the economy over $6 billion every year. 

Without treatment, it may feel impossible to overcome that addiction and begin living a life of sobriety. If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse, it’s important to seek treatment immediately. The longer you put off treatment, the more difficult it will be to begin the recovery process. Not to mention, you put your life at risk every day you put off your recovery.

Unfortunately, the cost for addiction treatment is hefty. Especially if you select a reputable treatment facility, rehab is expensive for anyone. The good news is that many health insurance plans offer coverage for substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment.

With the help of Magellan Health insurance rehab coverage, you can receive the substance abuse treatment you need. Magellan Health rehab facilities are equipped to handle severe cases of substance abuse and dual diagnosis. With this coverage, you also don’t have to pay as much out of pocket for the treatment you need.

Magellan Health addiction treatment coverage ultimately depends on your plan. Talk to a Magellan Health rehab representative or a drug rehab in network with Magellan Health to understand your plan’s benefits. Hillcrest Recovery is one such facility that can help you understand your benefits and get the treatment you need.

Magellan Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Magellan Health has become one of the fastest growing insurers within the industry. The company specializes in providing high quality health coverage for mental health treatment specifically. With Magellan Health, you can receive mental health treatment to achieve balance and recovery.

The scope of your treatment coverage depends on your individual plan type, location, and other factors. As such, you want to talk to a Magellan Health representative to learn about what your treatment will cover, how much you will need to pay out of pocket, and other related information. 

The easiest way to do this is to talk to a drug rehab in-network with Magellan Health. These facilities will be able to perform a full insurance verification to determine how much coverage your plan provides. Hillcrest Recovery’s admission team is able to verify your insurance and help you find a treatment plan that is right for you.

What is Included in Magellan Health Insurance Programs?

The road to recovery is long and includes many treatment opportunities. To help fight relapse, it’s important to undergo top treatment services that have been proven effective for long term recovery.

For many individuals, recovery begins with medical detox. Medical detox allows you to rid your system of the harmful substances while under the careful eye of a medical team. This medical team will ensure you are safe and as comfortable as possible during the process.

After medical detox, it’s recommended for first time treatment receivers to participate in an inpatient treatment. When at an inpatient treatment facility, you will stay on the facility grounds 24/7 for up to 90 days. During this time, you will receive counseling, therapy, and group sessions to help you begin your life of recovery.

Once you have graduated from inpatient treatment, it’s best to transition to outpatient treatment. With outpatient treatment, you will still receive intensive care like group and individual therapy, but you will also transition to life outside of a residential facility. Eventually, you will be able to graduate aftercare planning, sober living, and recovery maintenance.

Because there are so many treatment services available for individuals who suffer from substance abuse, it’s important to understand what’s included in Magellan Health insurance programs. Depending on the specific plan you have, you may have access to full or partial coverage for the following substance abuse treatment services:

  • Medical detox 
  • Inpatient treatment 
  • Intensive outpatient treatment 
  • Outpatient treatment 
  • Partial hospitalization 
  • Therapy/counseling 
  • Medication-assisted treatment 

To learn exactly which treatment services you have access to, talk to a Magellan Health representative to learn about your plan’s specifics.

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What is a Magellan Health Rehab Center?

Magellan Health addiction services provide comprehensive care, resources, and medical professionals to get you the help you need. So, you don’t have to worry about your Magellan Health rehab center failing to provide you the service required to get you well.

Throughout every step in the process, a Magellan Health rehab center can help you understand your benefits, select a treatment program that’s right for you, and help you get well.

A drug rehab in network with Magellan Health has already been approved to work with individuals who have Magellan Health insurance plans. Selecting Magellan Health substance use facilities will allow you to maximize your plans benefits, all while having the help you need to discover what your plans offer.

How Long Does Magellan Health Insurance Cover Rehab?

The rehab process is generally long and takes months upon years to define stable footing. Detox normally only lasts a couple of weeks, but inpatient rehab normally lasts up to 90 days. 90 day treatment is often critical for many individuals to fight relapse. Even after the 90 days are up, recovery is not over. Instead, recovery is an ongoing process that requires constant maintenance.

Magellan Health rehabs offer many treatment programs and plans for individuals who suffer from substance abuse. A Magellan Health substance use facility will work with you to determine how long treatment is needed and look at your plan to determine how long rehab is covered. For some plans, treatment coverage may be offered for the full 90 days plus aftercare treatment. 

Just as your unique plan determines what treatment services are available under coverage, your plan also determines how long rehab is covered. Magellan Health addiction services will help to determine how long your coverage lasts for rehab treatment.

We Accept Most Insurance

Insurance companies recognize addiction as a medical condition and something that must be treated. Hillcrest Recovery works with most insurance providers. Contact our admissions staff to receive information on the verification process and treatment options.

Hillcrest Recovery Accepts Magellan Health Insurance

Because your unique plan impacts your Magellan Health insurance rehab coverage, it’s important to talk to a representative that can fully explain your plan’s benefits and coverage. A drug rehab in network with Magellan Health is the fastest way to understand your benefits while kick starting the process of getting the treatment you need.

Hillcrest Recovery is in network with Magellan Health and provides Magellan Health addiction services. Our program is backed by state-of-the-art facilities and treatment options to help individuals overcome addiction from all fronts. We provide programs for those who suffer from alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and dual diagnosis.

At Hillcrest Recovery, we understand that every individual’s battle against addiction is different. As such, we provide customized care for each individual to ensure they get the exact care they need. Patients will work closely with our team to create a treatment plan and receive holistic alternative therapies alongside medical treatment.

If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse disorder and needs help, contact Hillcrest Recovery today. Our admission staff can help you understand your Magellan Health benefits and find a treatment plan that is right for you.

What Our Clients Say

Have received treatment in several different institutions and Hillcrest is the best treatment I've received, by far! The facility is exceptional, staff is exceptional and the environment is very.

Michael B.

I never realized they had treatment centers, like this. Food is a ten, house is a ten, and the recovery is a ten. I've watch myself and other patients spend.

Timothy G.

Don’t risk your life with different facility. Hillcrest Recovery is hands down the finest facility you’ll find with an incredible staff. You owe it to your self to find the.

Jason S.

My son has been through a couple of programs in his ongoing recovery over the last 10 years. He completed the 30 program here and stated that this was the best program he's ever been to.

Sharilyn A.
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