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Family Support

Why Family Support Matters

Hillcrest Recovery has set the standard for quality inpatient care. From the very moment you walk through our doors, you’ll be awed by the treatment methods, accommodations, and vibrant energy of our Chatsworth drug and alcohol treatment center. When you graduate from the program, you’ll have the lifelong tools needed to eliminate addiction for good.

For many people dealing with addiction, their environment keeps them entrenched in that lifestyle. Going to a rehab center for inpatient care is one of the best decisions that you can make. You isolate yourself can negative people and bad circumstances, and you put yourself in a zone where you are free to heal.

Many therapy addiction centers only focus on the individual suffering from the addiction and their personal traumas. However, addiction affects more than just the direct individual. As a result of addiction, many families are torn apart, and addicts are left without a sound support system.

In fact, addiction is considered a family disease. The reason for this is that addiction causes the addict to become consumed by their own behaviors, which harms the rest of the family members. Often, enmeshment and codependency develop as a result between the different family members. In order to stop these unhealthy habits head-on, family therapy is required to treat the family along with the addict.

Here at Hillcrest Recovery, we understand that addiction impacts more than just the individual. That is why we offer holistic approaches to addiction therapy, including family therapy for addiction. Our family therapy and therapy for family members of addicts allows the entire family to heal together to create a sound support system for everyone involved.

Through our family therapy for addiction, the entire family can heal together to help relationships become mended once again. Help your entire family heal and learn how to support each other with the help of Hillcrest Recovery’s family therapy for addiction program. 

Addiction Recovery Includes Family Healing

One misconception about addiction is that it only harms the addict or individual in question. Unfortunately, this misconception could not be further from the truth. Drug and alcohol abuse is considered a family disease because addiction impacts the addict’s relationships with their friends and family members, but the family suffers the most. If your addiction therapy does not address familial problems, you can be left with fractured relationships, a stressful home, and a lacking support system.

Consequently, addiction recovery should include family healing. There are numerous benefits of family therapy for addiction. You can begin to repair your fractured relationships so that the family can heal together and create a sound support system for one another. Through the therapy for families, the entire recovery process becomes more comprehensive and effective. 

If your addiction therapy does not include family healing, you might not recover entirely, especially whenever you leave the rehab facility. Even though the addict may be in recovery, the family and home may be filled with unhealthy habits, shame, and even rage, which stunts the recovery process for everyone involved. 

By receiving family therapy, the entire family can heal, not just the addict. As a result, the home environment will be less stressful and filled with toxic emotions and behaviors. Together, the family can heal and live a life of recovery.

What is Family Therapy for Addiction?

Family therapy for addiction is a holistic approach to addiction treatment. It involves bringing the entire family together to work with one another and heal from the addiction. There are various approaches to family addiction for therapy, but the ultimate goal is for the entire family to heal together and be a support system for one another.

Family therapy for addiction primarily includes therapy for family members of addicts. Through this therapy, the family members can get the support they need to feel heard, heal from the addiction, and unlearn codependent and harmful habits. In this therapy, family members can work through anger, grief, and shame that develops as a result of or contributes to the addiction.

More so, family therapy for addiction involves dialoguing with the addict. Through honest, structured dialogue, the family can speak to one another and find a way to rebuild their relationship stronger than before. Although honest dialogue is tough, it is a necessary step for family healing and treatment. Through one conversation at a time, the family can mend their relationships and learn how to communicate with one another more effectively. 

By approaching addiction in this way, the entire family and home environment have the opportunity to heal and recover from the addiction as well. The collateral damage can begin to be healed from the inside out so everyone can heal and the addiction behaviors do not continue to spiral out of control within the house.

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What Are the Benefits of Family Therapy for Addiction?

There are many benefits of family therapy for addiction. Most notably, family therapy repairs fractured relationships, allows the family to heal together, and creates a sound support system for the entire family. As a result, the entire recovery process is more impactful and effective. Let’s take a closer look at each one of these benefits.

Repair Fractured Relationships 

Addiction often has devastating consequences on the family and severs the tie between family members. With the help of family therapy, family members can have open dialogue with one another and find a way to repair their fractured relationships so that they are stronger than ever before. 

Heal Together 

Once relationships are beginning to repair, the entire family can heal together. Many people do not realize that addiction typically creates hostile, toxic, and stressful environments that are harmful to all parties involved. Through this healing process, individuals can let go of the pain and hurt associated with the addiction so that they can heal and truly become a family.

Create A Strong Support System

Addiction recovery relies heavily on the addict having a strong support system. Because family therapy helps to repair fractured relationships and allows the family to heal together, the family members can begin to be a support system for one another.

Through open dialogues with the family, each individual can learn what they need from one another and how they can help each other overcome addiction and create healthy habits in their lives. This strong support system is essential for the addict, but it is also essential for family members of addicts.

More Successful Recovery 

Since family therapy repairs fractured relationships, heals the family together, and creates a strong support system, it often leads to a more successful recovery. 

Without family therapy, the home environment is the same, even after the addict receives treatment. As a result, the environment often causes the individual to relapse due to the toxic habits, guilt, and stress within the home. 

After receiving family therapy, the entire family is healing and knows how to communicate in an effective way, creating an uplifting, understanding, and helpful environment for recovery. Thus, recoveries are more successful when the family undergoes therapy.

Our Therapy for Family Members of Addicts

If someone in your home is suffering from addiction, it’s imperative to undergo family therapy for addiction. Family therapy allows the entire family to heal together so each individual can heal, grow, and learn how to support each other in a healthy and beneficial way.

Hillcrest Recovery offers family therapy for addiction. Our family treatment includes therapy for family members of addicts, allowing the family to work through their problems, anger, and shame in a conducive manner. Furthermore, family members can have open dialogue with one another to get rid of any hurt and learn how to help one another.

Make sure the entire family recovers from addiction with the help of Hillcrest Recovery. Through our family therapy for addiction, your entire family can begin the journey of healing together to create stronger bonds than ever before. Begin the family journey to rec

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Insurance companies recognize addiction as a medical condition and something that must be treated. Hillcrest Recovery works with most insurance providers. Contact our admissions staff to receive information on the verification process and treatment options.

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Have received treatment in several different institutions and Hillcrest is the best treatment I've received, by far! The facility is exceptional, staff is exceptional and the environment is very.

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Don’t risk your life with different facility. Hillcrest Recovery is hands down the finest facility you’ll find with an incredible staff. You owe it to your self to find the.

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