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Treating Your Mental Health


Addiction Treatment in California

Addiction and mental health often go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, most people who are dealing with addiction have an undiagnosed mental health condition that’s not being addressed. This leads to further drug and alcohol abuse, which also worsens the condition of your mental health. Evidence has shown that you cannot cure one condition without treating the other. People with co-occurring conditions must receive dual treatment, because if one condition is left untreated, it can lead to the relapse of the other.

Diagnosing Mental Health Disorders

When you arrive at our facility, we’ll conduct a  complete psychological analysis. During your treatment, you’ll have one-on-one sessions with a licensed psychiatrist who is experienced in substance abuse. During these sessions, we’ll uncover the root cause of your substance abuse, and properly design a protocol to treat it.

Treating Dual-Diagnosis in California

When mental health issues are the root cause of addiction but are not treated in a dual diagnosis program, individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or bipolar disorder will be stuck in a spiral of harmful substance abuse.

Sufferers may feel as if no one understands what they’re going through, or they may feel as if there’s no way out. Our dual diagnosis treatment plan gives you the opportunity to heal correctly. By caring for your mental health, you’re in a much better position to confront your addiction.

Find the healing you deserve.

Our treatment doesn’t end at psychotherapy. We’re believers in holistic healing, so we offer a variety of great activities like meditation, yoga, massage and acupuncture, fitness, acting classes, music groups, and more. At Hillcrest Recovery we treat the full spectrum of mental health conditions, and that requires our treatment to be adaptive for each client.

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We Accept Most Insurance

Insurance companies recognize addiction as a medical condition and something that must be treated. Hillcrest Recovery works with most insurance providers. Contact our admissions staff to receive information on the verification process and treatment options.

What Our Clients Say

Have received treatment in several different institutions and Hillcrest is the best treatment I've received, by far! The facility is exceptional, staff is exceptional and the environment is very.

Michael B.

I never realized they had treatment centers, like this. Food is a ten, house is a ten, and the recovery is a ten. I've watch myself and other patients spend.

Timothy G.

Don’t risk your life with different facility. Hillcrest Recovery is hands down the finest facility you’ll find with an incredible staff. You owe it to your self to find the.

Jason S.

My son has been through a couple of programs in his ongoing recovery over the last 10 years. He completed the 30 program here and stated that this was the best program he's ever been to.

Sharilyn A.
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    Our caring admissions team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you find the treatment that best fits your personal needs. Regardless of your situation, we will help you find a program that’s right for you – no cost, no obligations.