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Treating Your Mental Health


Dual Diagnosis Treatment in California

Addiction and mental illness typically go hand in hand. Whenever an addict also suffers from a mental health condition, they require dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment targets both the addiction and the mental illness so that the individual undergoes the comprehensive treatment they need to heal and begin their road to recovery.

Unfortunately, many individuals who suffer from dual diagnosis do not receive the proper medical care and treatment they need for their unique diagnosis. If someone who suffers from a dual diagnosis does not receive proper treatment, the root cause of the addiction could go untreated, rendering the recovery process difficult if not impossible.

That is why Hillcrest Recovery offers dual diagnosis treatment centers in California. Our dual diagnosis treatment centers are equipped to handle dual diagnosis in San Fernando Valley. With the help of our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Southern California, you can treat all of your afflictions and have as successful a recovery process as possible.

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Many individuals who suffer from addiction also suffer from a co-occurring mental illness. Conversely, individuals who suffer from a mental illness are more likely to develop a drug and alcohol addiction. Whenever someone is diagnosed with addiction and a mental illness at the same time, they have received a dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis requires dual diagnosis treatment, which is different from treating just one of the illnesses at a time.

Dual diagnosis treatment involves treating patients who suffer from addiction in addition to a mental health disorder. The purpose of dual diagnosis treatment is to provide patients with the comprehensive care they need to identify underlying causes for their addiction and heal from the inside out.

Whenever you enroll in dual diagnosis treatment centers in California, you will receive treatment for your co-occurring illnesses at the same time. In other words, your addiction and mental illness will not be treated as two separate things. Instead, the treatment center will target the two problems together so that you can understand how they relate to one another and overcome your addiction and live with your mental illness. 

The best dual diagnosis treatment centers in California utilize a number of treatment methods and techniques. For example, dual diagnosis treatment involves therapy, group sessions, and sometimes medications. The purpose of these different techniques is to provide comprehensive treatment for your unique situation.

By receiving these forms of treatment, you get to treat both of your co-occurring illnesses so that you can identify the root causes of your behavior, understand the relationship between your two diagnoses, and change your life with this knowledge. 

What Are the Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment in California?

There are many benefits of receiving dual diagnosis treatment in Southern California. For example, you will receive comprehensive care based on your unique situation so that you can heal from your addiction and begin your recovery on the right foot.

Receive Comprehensive Care Based On Your Unique Situation 

Dual diagnosis treatment is a comprehensive approach to addiction and mental illness. Instead of just focusing on one or the other, the patient receives medical care for the co-occurring illnesses at the same time. As a result, the patient can learn how to work through their addiction and mental illness appropriately.

Furthermore, all dual diagnosis treatment is designed specifically around the patient. No two cases of dual diagnosis are the same. As a result, each individual receives a customized treatment plan based on their diagnosis, story, and needs. This personalized treatment plan allows you to get the care you need.

Understand Root Causes For Your Behavior 

If you are suffering from co-occurring illnesses, you must account for your mental illness in order to overcome your addiction. The relationship between mental illness and addiction is complex and unavoidable. If you only focus on overcoming your addiction, you might be ignoring the root causes entirely.

By treating your addiction and mental illness together, you get to understand the root causes for your behaviors and learn yourself better. This information will allow you to tackle the addiction head-on so you can recover from your addiction and heal many facets of your life.

Heal From Your Addiction And Begin Recovery On The Right Foot 

If you suffer from a dual diagnosis but only treat one of the illnesses, you might not fully heal, and your recovery might not go as smoothly as possible. In fact, healing is incredibly difficult if you do not receive the appropriate care you need for both of the illnesses.

Whenever co-occurring illnesses are present, dual diagnosis treatment is considered the most effective addiction treatment. It allows you to receive treatment for both illnesses and identify the root causes of your behavior. In consequence, you can begin to heal from your addiction and begin recovery on the right foot.

Dual Diagnoses That We Treat

Here at Hillcrest Recovery, we understand that addiction and mental health go hand in hand. We offer the best dual diagnosis treatment centers in California to ensure our patients receive the top care they need based on their unique situation.

As a rehab recovery center, we are equipped to deal with dual diagnoses that involve drug or alcohol addiction. In addition to addiction, we treat a variety of co-occurring mental health conditions, including:

  • Anxiety 
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression 
  • PTSD
  • Schizophrenia 

Even if you are not sure if you need dual diagnosis treatment, Hillcrest Recovery can still help you out. Whenever you first arrive at our facility, we will conduct a complete psychological analysis. From this analysis, we will determine if you qualify for our dual diagnosis treatment and treat you accordingly.

Based on the results of your entrance analysis, we will create a customized treatment plan for you. All of our patients receive unique care based on their dual diagnosis, story, and needs. You can trust that the treatment you receive is tailored specifically to your needs as a result.

The Hillcrest Recovery dual diagnosis treatment involves one on one therapy sessions, group therapy, and medication when necessary. Together, this comprehensive treatment plan will allow you to heal from your dual diagnosis in San Fernando Valley.

Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Southern California

If you suffer from co-occurring illnesses, including addiction and mental illness, you suffer from a dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis requires the best dual diagnosis treatment centers in California for comprehensive treatment. These treatment centers will be able to treat both co-occurring illnesses at the same time with comprehensive and customized treatment plans.

Hillcrest Recovery offers the best dual diagnosis treatment centers in California. Our dual diagnosis treatment centers are equipped to help patients who struggle with addiction in addition to other mental illnesses, including anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, and schizophrenia.

Even if you are unsure whether dual diagnosis treatment is right for you, Hillcrest Recovery will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine your current diagnosis. From there, we will create a customized treatment plan to target your unique needs.

To learn more about the Hillcrest Recovery dual diagnosis treatment centers in Southern California, give us a call today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help decide if dual diagnosis treatment is right for you or your loved one.

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