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How to Find Groups for Recovering Addicts

Support groups for recovering addicts are an effective way to help addicts get sober and stay that way. They cover a wide range of needs which include connection, social support, sober friends, psychological well-being, and more.=

While support groups are not a substitute for detox and medical treatments, they still form an invaluable pillar of support for recovering addicts. In fact, many treatment centers and recovery programs will either provide support groups or encourage attendees to visit them.

The most common form of a support group for recovering addicts is a 12-step program, which is based on sponsorship and the completion of twelve principles that lead to a sustained recovery.

What Kind of Support Groups Are Available

Addictions can manifest themselves in many forms, the obsession towards a substance or habit can express itself differently in each person. Addiction is not limited to substance abuse, an addict could have problems with gambling, sex, or anything that rewards their obsession.

On the same hand, groups for recovering addicts come in many flavors, and each group has its own decentralized governing body which connects addicts to local websites and meetings.

Some of the best-known programs include – 

The list goes on, and fortunately nearly every addiction under the sun has a support group with a website and a close-by meeting to attend.

Group Homes for Recovering Addicts

Group homes also known as sober living homes are another form of support group that helps addicts get and stay sober. 

Sober living houses are a type of group homes for recovering addicts that offer a substance-free environment, where residents are surrounded by others seeking to get sober. While this type is more informal than a 12-step meeting, it provides around-the-clock group support for those in need of it – in a place where they feel like they fit right in.

Group homes for recovering addicts offer many of the same benefits as a 12-step program and even provide 12-step meetings within the location.

How to Find and Join a Group

Once the right group for recovering addicts has been identified to treat the obsession, there are a number of ways in which one can find a meeting. 

Organization websites

As listed previously in the article, each recovery program should have an organization’s official website that provides information on how to find meetings nearby. A simple online search should help you or your loved one identify the correct site. For the most part, the official websites usually end with the .org acronym, pointing to their non-profit organizational structure.

Local websites

Organization websites are a great starting point; however, more times than not they will end up redirecting you to the organization’s official local website. 

For example, AA Miami-Dade is a website specific to the Miami area where addicts in recovery can find meetings local to the Miami-Dade county. Another great example is AA EU – where alcoholics in recovery can find meetings in the Eurozone.

Online Meetings

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, there were some websites that offered online meeting groups for recovering addicts, but generally, most meetings were in person. After the pandemic, the need for the community to keep meeting drove addicts in recovery all over the world to meet online. A trend that remained strong post-pandemic.

Nowadays, it’s common for addicts in recovery to join meetings online and meet with people all over the world. Online meetings can be found on nearly every local website for recovery programs.


It’s the age of all things digital, and sobriety is not exempt from the digital revolution. Apps such as Meeting Guide can help addicts quickly locate a meeting on the go.

Inpatient facilities

Addiction facilities also host 12-step groups as part of their treatment programs, asking your inpatient facility or recovery care provider about 12-step groups is a great way to be pointed in the right direction.

Hillcrest Recovery offers inpatient services and an aftercare program to help you and your loved ones get the help they need to get sober and stay sober.

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